5 Tips Every Man Should Know About Their Underwear

Choosing a good pair of underwear is harder than it looks. We dive deep into 5 tips every man should know about their underwear, letting men everywhere understand that it doesn't have to be so difficult, and you can loom your best with an amazing pair.


1. Buying from mainstream underwear brands is not your best choice.

Mainstream underwear seems like the popular choice, right? Wrong. Mainstream brands design with the general public in mind, from the generic 18 year old to the working dad. The fabrics and costs used are not designed to make you look good, but to serve a basic function.

For example, have you ever gone to the gym and ended up with those skin folds caused by the elastic, resembling the hate muffin top? this is because the underwear elastic is too tight for you.

2. Low-rise underwear always makes your middle section look better.

It doesn’t matter if you’re totally ripped, or you have a few extra pounds: nothing can make you look worse than wearing underwear that reaches too close to your belly button.

You don’t need us to tell you that such underwear makes you look compacted, just look in the mirror. Instead, low risers can visually make your torso look longer and make you look more proportionate.

Right, change your underwear and visually you’ve lost 5 pounds!

3. Long Boxers Just Aren't Sexy

Do not wear long boxers. I know, some of us just get used to a particular style of underwear and fall in love with it. You should, however, reconsider whether long boxers are a good choice. Here at Abassova, we don't hate long boxers, we just suggest you mix it up from time to time.

No sexy man is ever shown to wear long white boxers, ever. This cut is a sex-appeal killer because it hides your legs and takes attention off your pouch area. Additionally, it impairs mobility compared to shorter men’s underwear cuts.

Here's a list of briefs that you can buy to get started.

Save the boxers for the lazy Sundays at home, and on your outings, slip on a pair of briefs to turn up the sex appeal.

4. There's more materials than cotton

If you’ve worn only regular cotton underwear, you’re definitely missing out! I particularly love the feel of nylon. They are more expensive than cotton underwear, but the feel is beyond comparison. They make you feel light, you’ll never get warm, no chafing, and they also keep you fresh.

If you’re someone who loves quality underwear like myself, you know that you wish all your underwear had that feel of your favourite nylon/polyester mix undies.

We recommend these ORLY Bold Mesh Briefs to start off with, they have a cotton cup, so you're not totally losing the cotton.

5. Less is more

Going back to making you look like a sex symbol: wear underwear with mesh. It doesn’t have to be a full mesh, but briefs with some percentage of mesh.

Whoever thought of introducing some mesh to underwear was a genius because: mesh makes men’s underwear lighter and therefore you’d barely feel that you are wearing any underwear, and mesh makes men’s underwear more breathable and therefore perfect to wear either all day at the office or at the gym. Best is that mesh makes you look super sexy.

Believe me: wear some underwear with mesh touches on it and I challenge you to come tell me your partner did not notice and did not get excited about your underwear.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that. And I know the outcome.




In all, wearing sexy men’s underwear won’t make you a 10 in bed, but will give you a good start.

Then you have a shorter race to run to defend your 10 status! the Abassova men’s underwear blog will get you the best tips to never stop looking sexy in your underwear.

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